Into life we go…

In case you’re wondering: This means “favorite human being” in German

Hello World!

I am Deborah. Half German, half Dutch, pirate at heart, with a rabbit soul and a mind that has problems combining both. I grew up in a rather urban area called the Ruhrgebiet in Germany, which is known for its industrial landscape , cultural diversity, dense population and its ever changing appearance. I remember when I was a child, I didn’t really enjoy living there. Now that I’ve lived in different places, I start to appreciate all the possibilities this area has to offer.

I am obsessed with traveling places, finding new tastes and smells, capturing all these precious moments and memories with digital and antique cameras. For me, traveling is more than just a (rather expensive) hobby: it is a matter of existence. It means that every time you go somewhere, you collect treasures that you will be able to hold on to for the rest of your life. Moreover, you get the chance to share these treasures with the people joining you in the adventure, which will ultimately bind you together for as long as you will both remember. I never experienced traveling as a form of isolation, but rather as the most social experience imaginable. Good thing traveling and photography are combinable, I wouldn’t know which one to choose over the other.

I have been writing and earning a living with it since 2011, sometimes for the academic world, companies, newspapers, charities, start-ups, magazines, artists and festivals. On this blog, I have decided to share and write about all the things that make my own heart flutter: food, photography, travel experiences, design as well as many other inspirational treasures I may find on the paths that I am wandering. I hope you will find something encouraging, heartening, uplifting, something that you’d like to try out as well or that you’d like to share with the ones you love. Or maybe you’ll just find something nice to pass the time. Anyway:


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