Moist curd-bread for quick bakers

IMG-20150219-WA0000A deliciously moist, super quickly made bread for sweet and salty spreads. Baked without yeast, and thus very easy even for beginners. To be honest, this has been my first, self-baked bread ever, and I was super content with the results. This recipes is also great if you like to experiment a little  – simply add dried fruits, cinnamon, nuts or herbs, depending on what you prefer.

For the basic recipe, you will need:

500g curd

500g flour

2 eggs

2 sachets of  baking powder

2 tbs oil

1 pinch of salt

200g oatmeal.

Put all ingredients together into a mixing pot and stir until the mixture becomes a soft dough. Put the dough into a baking pot, and put it into the oven – 50 mins/180°C. Be careful: once the bread starts to get brown on the top, it burns quickly. Better make sure you spend the last few minutes close to the oven.


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