Kind of mediterranean, but definitely delicious lamb’s lettuce mixture

Spring is coming, so are bits and pieces of summer, and suddenly we become aware of the fact that we still haven’t done anything to prove worthy of last year’s bikini. But despair no more, here come a recipe for a delicious, healthy and filling salad, which will make your “goodbye, french fries” a bit easier…

You will need:

100g lams lettuce

1 big tomato

3 mushrooms

1/3 courgette



Balsamic vinegar

pumpkin seed oil

Pepper, salt, sugar, provencal herbs

Seed mix


Once you’ve got all ingredients together, you’ll quickly be done: wash the salad, twitch the tiny roots of and put it aside. Wash the tomato, slice it and put it together with the salad. Clean the mushrooms, and slice them with the courgette and fry the pieces together in a pan. Meanwhile, you can make a dressing from the three types of oil, salt, pepper, sugar and provencal herbs. Switch the stove off and use the rest of the heat in the pan to heat up the seed mix. Mix everything together – done is a delicious salad, which will either satisfies your hunger, or create more appetite…


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