10 Things Your Travel Health/Zombie Apocalypse Kit Needs…

… In Case You’re Planning Extensive Travels. Or If Shit Hits the Fan.

When you’re traveling off the beaten track, there are numerous awesomely researched (and practiced) tips online on what to bring to survive in the wilderness. Check out Nomadic MattSection Hiker or DIY Traveler for more information.  However, it may get a little tricky when you’re planning to travel somewhere far, far away from home – but not exactly wild. Or you’re staying home, but the zombie apocalypse has suddenly doomed. Whether you are going to a different continent or your city is collectively starting to eat people – you want to make sure you have some basics with you. In case shit hits the fan. Metaphorically speaking. Maybe also literally speaking.

Therefore I have gathered 10 items that every good travel health/zombie apocalypse kit needs. In contrast to a first-aid kit, a travel health kit doesn’t include the necessary tools to stitch yourself together again. Let the doctors do that for you. Or, if you got bit, don’t even bother stitching yourself together, you got infected anyways. This list contains the necessary equipment to battle the more regular difficulties that come with traveling in more urban landscapes.
Note: I recommend you consult a doctor before your travels to help you find the perfect, individualized health kit for you and your medical needs.

  1. IMG_20160316_085933Mosquito Repellent. Make sure you grab a strong one with a high DEET percentage. absolutely necessary for tropical countries. Used in combination with a lighter, also usable as a miniature flamethrower.
  2. Sunblock. Having a tan after holidays can be pretty, but is also pretty dangerous. Did you know that 1 in 2 Australian men and 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 85? Especially in winter or when we can’t see the sun due to clouds, smog, etc., we tend to believe that there’s only limited UV-A and UV-B rays around. Never underestimate the sun in continental areas such as Asia and Oceania. Also, Zombies are allergic to sunblock, so they will be more hesitant to bite you.
  3. Ibuprofen. Easy to purchase in most countries, but it’s always nice to have a small amount of Ibuprofen with you. Because carrying 20g extra weight with you is much easier than searching for 异丁苯丙酸. If you prefer to buy such medication abroad, check out this list of Ibuprofen International Brand Names. It’ll make your purchase a lot easier. Can also be used to throw at Zombies. Very ineffective, though.
  4. Activated Charcoal Tablets. Traps toxines and chemicals in its pores and helps you get rid of food poisoning and the according symptoms much faster. Wetted and dipped on a toothbrush, it also helps whiten your teeth by adsorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits that stain teeth, alleviates gas and bloating, treats alcohol poisoning and helps prevent hangovers, and works as a digestive cleanse. Wet it and apply it on your skin to blacken your appearance. Makes moving in the dark and hiding in shadows a lot easier.
  5. Tablets Against Nausea. Whether you’re flying, traveling by boat or by Tuk Tuk, or whether the rotten smell of the undead is haunting you in your sleep: Chances are your urge to vomit without having eaten something bad will eventually surface. Natural tablets with a high amount of ginger (or simply a piece of fresh ginger to chew on) which help without chemicals.
  6. Anti-Diarrheal Agents. Known under a variety of brand names (such as Imodium), this comes in handy for stopping diarrhea for short emergencies, e.g. when you need to catch your plane or run away from the walking dead. Remember, these are only for emergency moments when you have to be in transit. The best way to cure diarrhea is to let the body do it’s works and drink plenty of water.
  7. Electrolyte-Glucose-Mix. Because if you do get diarrhea, you want to make sure your system doesn’t lose all the precious electrolytes, the main reason why you feel weak when you have diarrheal diseases.
  8. Antibacterial Wound Spray. This will help heal your wounds faster as well as prevent any possible infections. Ineffective against Zombie bites.
  9. Disinfectant. This comes in handy for all sorts of situations and in nearly every country. Most people I know even carry small amounts of disinfectants in their handbags. Most of all, it will prevent diarrheal diseases and infections and is thus one of the most precious gadgets you can carry with you. It will also burn Zombie’s eyes and facilitate escape.
  10. Cortisone Cream. Whether you suffer from minor dermatitis, insect bites, poison oak/ivy, eczema, allergies, rash, itching. A small amount of cortisone cream can do a lot of good. Remember: do not make a daily habit out of using cortisone cream, do not use it if you are pregnant of breast feeding, and always consult a doctor before you use cortisone in whatever form. Swallow the whole cream package when you’re in a trap. You’ll still get eaten, but the Zombie will blow up afterwards due to the Cortisone.

Let me know if there’s anything important missing on the list. And most of all: Enjoy/Run!


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