Off to Conquer the World!

I’ve finished my studies. Now I’m heading out into the world to find loads of good food, interesting photo spots, inspiring people, and stories to share…

I’m finished and I’m gone! Until the day of my departure I was slightly hesitant to share my upcoming world trip with too many people. I’m superstitious – I was scared that announcing it too loudly would lead to not catching the first flight, getting really sick or something else happening that would stop me from going. Especially since I had to finsih my master’s thesis first before really thinking about what is to come. Even now I’m hesitant to share where I’m going. But hey, good for you – I hope that will create a bit of suspense as to where I’m heading next. For now I can share – I’m off to Taiwan :). Taipei to be more precise. I don’t like to state that I’ve seen a country when I’m actually only seeing a short excerpt of it.

I’m bringing my newly bought but otherwise not so new Minolta D700 and 32 rolls of film. These should suffice for the first 4 weeks at least. I hope. We’ll see. If you’d like to see the world through my artwork, follow me here, on my Instagram, Tumblr or Facebook – or keep following me here.

See you on the road 🙂


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