And Suddenly You Work With A YouTube Rockstar

Hostels have the beautfiful sideeffect that you automatically get to chat with foreigners. As a super shy person myself, that can actually a bit tricky sometimes, but then again, sometimes you meet people with whom you feel a chemistry like with kindergarten friends. You know, you’re supposed to hang out. Fate wants you to hang out.

A couple of days ago, I met Taiwanese Youtuber Johnny from Stopkiddinstudio, one of Taiwan’s biggest YouTube channels. This gentleman doesn’t just know how to rock the camera but also knows how to rock as a human being. Bad camera joke of the day: we immediately clicked. The two of us had such a great time together and Johnny decided to film and publish a little portrait about the kind of photography I create and why I decided to start my little big trip in Taipei.

If you’d like to see the results of Johnny’s talent or how I pull off a very serious look, please feel welcome to check out the video here:


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  1. What a lovely clip, dear! I can’t wait to hear more about your travels when you return!

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    1. Thank you. We had so much fun filming it together, I had to really focus to stop laughing constantly…

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      1. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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