| Black and White Friday | 177 Years of Photography

IMG_20160819_100155You don’t have to have a Lucie Award to call yourself a great achiever of photography. If you manage to use photograpy as a medium that enriches your life, you have already achieved something quite a few people struggle with. As much as photography has made things better, easier, more convenient and emotionally valuable, modern image sharing technologies also have their negative side effects. As much as I like to use sources such as Instagram myself, I believe we should remember every once in a while that there is a fine line between sharing the beautiful moments worth sharing, and overcompensating something we cannot quite grasp, but still seem to miss. The more we use our smartphones to share messages, videos, images, the more we tend to forget the people who are with us. I’m not talking about taking a foodie, sending a little video to your friends. I’m talking about incidents like the following:

In 2014, I visited a friend in Dublin and we decided to go to an Ed Sheeran Concert. The show was absolutely awesome and I’d have gone again the next day if he’d still had been in town. We were joined by a group of girls. During the 2h concert, one of the girls (I counted) sent 32 snaps around to her friends, took 15 selfies, and after that I stopped counting. Basically, she looked at the stage approximately 15% of the time. The rest was screen time.

Of course, this is a rather extreme example. However, I have the impression that kids nowadays become more and more attached to the idea of sharing every moment through Social Media instead of sharing it with those around them. And I guess all I want to say is: Yes, do what makes you happy. Just make sure it really makes you happy. Otherwise, it becomes a waste of your time. And your time is the most precious and valuable thing you have.

177 years of photography. Thank you photography. For connecting us, for creating art and beauty, for sharing honesty and falseness, for helping journalists, artists, film-makers around the world.

P.S. I hope the image I’m sharing today kind of represents the overall statement I tried to achieve with this text. It was shot in Berlin 2014, although I neither remember the camera nor the film I used at that time. If it work the way intended, I still hope you can at least enjoy looking at it đŸ˜‰


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