| World Trip Series | The Vertical Gardens of One Central Park


26110005Whether you’re a fan of oustanding architectural experiements, an avid reader of Dystopian fiction or you would simply  like to experience a little more of Sydney than just the Opera – One Central Park should be on your list of Top 5 things to visit.

Carlton & United Breweries closed these buildings after more than 170 years of operation in 2003. Ten years later, the two residentials towers, which were designed by Jean Nouvel and local architects PTW, was completed. The vertical gardens were invented by botanist Patrick Blanc and are home to more than 250 species of native plants. Apart from these two distinctive towers, the 6400sqm park hosts restored heritage features, public art, and close by museums.

26110006The Green Building Council Australia also offers the so called Sustainable Sydney Walking Tour, a self-guided, street-level exploration of some of Sydney’s greenest buildings. Though I myself didn’t know about this tour while I was in Sydney, I checked out the tour map and can definitely recommend it to anyone only remotely interested in architecure and/or sustainability.

My personal tip: In the basement of Tower 1, there’s a supermarket. When the weather is decent, I recommend getting some picnic supplies there, lay down in the gras and soak in the atmosphere. Best things to buy in Sydney: Coconut Yoghurt and -Cocoa and some fresh Papaya.
Camera: Minolta X-700 + LG Leon
Film: Kodak Gold ISO200/36
May 2016
P.S. There’s nothing Dystopian about these buildings. However, my sister and I were both heavily reminded of dystopian fiction we’d both read and the descriptions of how nature takes back human made strcutures. Anyone else reminded of that here?

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