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No matter whether you’re focusing on street photography, landscape shootings or even portrait: at some point you’ll be making the surprising experience that parts of your body start to hurt. And that’s not necessarily due to old age (though I sometimes like to pick that excuse): photography can be physically really exhausting. Yes, if you’re doing it the very wrong way, you’ll suffer from shutter-finger-inflammation, but that’s so far an unheard of condition. What I’m rather talking about are aspects like body posture to find the right shots, climbing and jumping through wilder terrains, not moving your body for longer periods of time, even holding your breath to get the right angle or to not scare off the subject in front of your lens (talking about animals here. If you’re scaring people, you should reconsider your body hygiene).
I’ve made the experience that a certain basic fitness is necessary to be able to perform the kinds of photos I prefer in the terrain I find interesting. Even in street photography, you often start to climb up benches or crawl around on the floor to get the right shot. If you’re planning to travel or simply carry your camera around with you for spontaneous photo, you’ll get the best results with a certain level of fitness and body strength.

I hope you’ll enjoy today’s example photos. They portray my very impressive jump over the rushing river of Wissant, too powerful to have a name; my attempt of straining and wrenching myself at taking a photo of some flesh-eating, humans attacking shells; and a semi-impressive climb up on an old bunker at the beach in France.

LG Leon + Minolta SRT 101Film: Kodak Gold ISO 200/36
October 2016/September 2015


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  1. Afrika Bohemian says:

    I am not a photographer but on the few occasions that I had to take pictures with my DSLR, chasing the right angles, I have to completely agree that a certain level of fitness is required

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    1. Glad to see I’m not the nly one 🙂

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