| Black ‘n White Friday |

Berlin Friedrichstraße

Berlin has approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. It’s also had over 12 million tourists visiting in 2015 alone. Combine that and the past year has been rather busy for Berlin and its people. The S-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße is one of the city’s main arterial roads and train stations and leads straight onto the Friedrichstraße shopping district.
With all that information I’d like to conclude: It’s pretty dang hard to capture Friedrichstraße (or actually anything in the two city centers) without being run over. So please let me start to brag by saying: on an early Sunday morning, after a short and heavy rainfall, I finally did it. And it took me quite a few days of trying to succeed.

The reasons I wanted to capture some of Berlin’s inner core with black and white photography and with only a small amount of people running around are the following:

  1. Berlin is very old. It was founded in 1237 and you can hardly see any of its ancient roots anywhere left in the city. You can however see a city once nearly destroyed, rebuild over and over again. And like all cities with such manifold history, Berlin has interesting structures and surfaces, mixtures of architecture and pavement, aesthetic treasures and disgusting details. And all these peculiarities are, in my opinion, best captured in black and white photography.
  2. The emotional phenomenon of solitude within a city of millions is part of a modern life obstacle. This can be captured through two ways I can think of: either take a photo of your model in a crowd, or take a photo without any person in it at all. The people you see here running by stay anonymous, their faces unknown, their body language expressing hurry.

Camera: Lomography Lasardina
Film: Agfa B/W APX Iso 100/36
September 2015


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