| World Trip Series | Sydney

imm003_1Bye bye, Bondi

With this rather pathetic four syllable poem, I’d like to conclude eight fantastic days in Australia. A bit rubbish to talk of “Australia” when I’ve only seen approximately 1% of the country, but at least in geographical terms we’re still on the right page.
Bondi beach is, as probably all Sydney citizens will tell you, not the most recommendable beach in the Sydney area. Not because i’s not beautiful in standard terms, but because the Australians have enough stunning beaches to redefine “beautiful” in so many ways. Plus, it’s rather crowded at the weekends. The main reason for its popularity, as I’ve been told, is the easy commute with public transportation. Not that easy that I didn’t get lost for a couple of minutes, but that’s a different story.
imm005_3However, the coastal walk starting at Bondi beach leading you to Coogee is a total stunner and absolutely recommendable. Once we reached the other beaches that connect this walk, I started to understand why every Australian I talked to (the Blue Mountains Tour Guide. The Hostel Staff. The Guy selling Hot Dogs down the street) had recommended visiting any other beach but Bondi beach. The dark blue waters and silky sands are just the same at Bondi, but a rather unromantic concrete wall between the beach and the street takes away some of the magic. That magic is restored in the fascinating greens and marvellous houses surrounding the other beaches on your way to Coogee. This was a perfect get-away day trip from the city centre.
In terms of photography, you couldn’t wish for much more: Pristine surroundings that offer great macro- and micro-sceneries, free water-stations to recharge your energy levels and some ridiculously sweet, but slightly dangerous looking seagulls, always ready to steal your meal. If you’re into bird-photography.
Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: Kodak Gold ISO200/36
May 2016

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