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Off to the country of undefeated natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and: Hobbits.

imm032_30If I prove incapable of turning my dear fellowship of readers into geeks, too, I’ll officially claim this blog-project as semi-failed. So after yesterday’s tipster-hommage to Harry Potter, I’d like to proceed to the next geeky paradise: ‘Cause we’re off to Middle-Earth…
I had already published an article on the value of art after natural desaster and trauma, featuring photography from Christchurch. Therefor, I’ll head straight to our first stop into the wilder parts of New Zealand. Lake Tekapo.
Some of my friends had recommended this Lake and its surrounding areas to me already months in advance. Once we had arrived there, we knew immediately why. Not only was the drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo already an eye-opener, the Lake itself was on a level of beauty that took my ability to verbalize its beauty on a normal level. Additionally, we were super lucky with our hostel: The YHA Lake Tekapo not only had the most astonishing view over the Lake and its mountainous area, it also had a real, motherf*cking fireplace and Lord of the Rings-DVD’S for rent. Perfect weekend-getaway or what?
imm030_28As we decided to visit New Zealand in early wintertime, I’ve got to be honest with you: the weather was not the best. If you’re into sunshine, warmth and something I’d call “happy photography”. Meaning photos that make all the scenery look super happy (as far as sceneries can go happy). But, if you believe that wilderness can also look a bit rough, and you actually don’t mind that being reflected in your photos: I highly recommend going in winter.
There was lots of rain nearly every day, plus the New Zealandish heat insulation is not the best in the world. Meaning we were close to freezing quite a few times. But, than again, hot chocolate tastes a lot better when grabbed with cold fingertips, so there’s lots of pros and cons going on here. Decide for yourself. I’ll be releasing all publishable photos about New Zealand in the upcoming time here and on Facebook. Maybe that’ll be of help if you’re still indecisive. 

Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: FujiColor ISo400/36
May 2016

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