| World Trip Series | Lake Tekapo – NZ

Two nights in the absolutely astonishing Lake Tekapo area were the best choice to start a New Zealand Road Trip. The pavement is very good (which makes getting used to driving on the left a lot easier) and people seem to be used to confused tourists.

As I mentioned before, the weather was rather autumn-ish/winter-ish, which offered the possibility to focus more on the rough beauty of the landscape. Despite the lack of sunlight, I used an ISO400 film to emphasize the contrasts between shadows and visible objects. As you can probably see, the sun (when it came out) was still rather powerful, which is an interesting phenomenon in that hemisphere and leads to different effects than combinations of sun and clouds would in Europe. Plus, due to the beauty of fall, there were some crisp browns and reds to work with in the foreground of the lake in the form of berries and leaves. Just bring a proper pair of shoes: those nasty rocks are going to be a pain in the ass without impenetrable shoe soles.

The village of Tekapo is not necessarily a place to party; but than again, you don’t drive through NZ to party wild, are you?.. It does however offer a decent little supermarket, a few restaurants, and a gas station, meaning all necessary survival equipment is there. Plus, Tekapo is a great starting point for a few more trips into the surrounding areas. Absolutely most highly recommended!


Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: Fujichrome Provia ISO400X/36
May 2016


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