Celebrating 20.000 Subscribers

..Because “Followers” sounded like I was forming a sect.

To celebrate this achievement, my friend and I visited the Ludwig Museum in Cologne yesterday. ‘Cos I like to hide the fact that I’m boring behind acting smart. One of the very interesting parts of the special exhibition was “Master of Beauty”, an exhibit on the works of legendary German photographer Karl Schenker. Totally recommendable to everyone who’d happen to be in the area.

Today, I wanted to thank all of you beautiful beings for your continuous support. I cannot believe, what a multicultural crowd we’ve got here: 45 nationalities. That’s actually a pretty good spot to practice some intercultural communication through the art of photography. So big thanks to Myanmar (Burma), Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bolivia, India, Germany, Hong Kong, Laos, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Brazil, the USA, Guatemala, Malaysia, Peru, Vietnam, Honduras, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, Kazakhstan, China, Venezuela, Mexico, El Salvador, Fiji, Argentina, Greenland, The UK, Canada, Singapore, Panama, Israel, Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador, Japan, Macao, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Thailand and the Netherlands.
I’m happy and proud to share this journey with each and every one of you. Even my typewriter is happy today.

Next step: 30k. Oh, and cake. Because: priorities.


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