| On the Road to Lake Pukaki| NZ – South Island

Staying two nights in Tekapo, we just had to visit the famous Lake Pukaki as well. Known for its dazzling light blue waters and astonishing mountainous surroundings, this┬álake is the largest of three roughly parallel running lakes in the alpine regions. The drive takes less than an hour (and driving in this landscape is more than a hell of a joy). However, we didn’t expect the drive itself to be of so much beauty, which is why I’m giving this some small extra credits. It felt like literally driving through the fields of Rohan – too cool to be true. Numerous nerdgasms. Then, after approximately 40 minutes, we arrived at Lake Pukaki – and I had to pull the car over, otherwise I’d have caused an accident. The blue of the water was so intense, we had to leave the car for a second and take a deep yogic breath. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who had to do that. Turns out in fact, that spot where we decided to stop the car is one of the most dangerous ones in NZ – people get so distracted by the beauty of the view that they crash into each other. So please drive carefully if you intent to go there…

Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: Kodak Gold ISO400/36
May 2015


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