| New Blog Domain |

Entering a new sphere of complete professionalism. Including very professional headlines.

When you’re starting to blog around (not sure if that’s the correct way of putting it or if that makes me sound like a piece of toast), you’re confronted with the question whether you’re willing to go the extra step and create your own blogdomain, or if you prefer to stay within the cozy .wordpress.com sphere. Getting your own domain is, realistically speaking, very easy and everyone with the ability to read should be able to manage getting one with the help of friendly Mr. Google. However, for me getting a .blog-domain had more of a symbolic meaning, a step away from the hobby-ish playing around with bits and pieces of wordpress into a more “serious” (as serious as I can get here…) approach towards the whole subject.
So yesterday, after an e-mail from the wordpress-team, I decided to gear up:
is where you’ll find this little baby from now on. And to celebrate this accordingly, I played around with a but of Canva and created a new header, too.

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