| World Trip Series | Franz Josef Glacier, Pt. 1

Did I mention all the rain during our time in NZ? Turns out, somedays we were incredibly lucky. When driving through the middle of New Zealand’s South Island and upon reaching the West Coast, we started having the absolutely best weather. When renting our car in Christchurch, they’d recommended us to get a pair of snow chains “in case snowfall gets too heavy up in the mountains”. Well, there was a bit of snow up in the mountains, but fortunately, not down in the streets where we were driving.

After a delicious lunch in the city centre of Franz Josef, we headed to a hiking trail our hostel, the Sir Cedrics Glow Worm Hostel (great place to stay!) had recommended. The trail took us 2 1/2 hours in total and was absolutely worth it. Starting at a rather busy parking spot, the hiking leads through the glacier valley, walking towards the glacier past some beautiful waterfalls and the Waiho river, the glacial river emerging from the glacier terminal. A great mixture of physically exhausting and at the same time perfectly refreshing.

Preparing for a nice hiking day in Franz Josef? Here are a few trails.

Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: Kodak Gold ISO200/36
May 2016


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