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The human eye is naturally drawn to particular things and oddities in relation to things we perceive as boring. Faces, typography and vivid colours will always make a photo more appealing (in the sense of draw attention, not necessarily in the sense of of being more aesthetic)to the eye. Architectural structures, which may sometimes have a cold feel to them, often stand out from the crowd due to their outstanding symmetry. This effect works even better when there are shadows which reflect this symmetry.

This bridge is the Helix Bridge, which can be found in Singapore’s city centre. Singapore is famous for its architectural landscape and futuristic design projects and is a promising visit for design, photography and architecture lovers alike…

Camera: Minolta X-700
Film: Kodak Gold ISo200/36
April 2016


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  1. Terry says:

    Ah but this bridge is very natural in shapes, it flows and plays with light and shadow. As an architect I am drawn to natural shapes and flowing designs such as this. Harsh architecture, which can catch your eye and mind, like you said, is cold and sometimes uninviting. You have captured this bridge in a way that makes me want to explore further across it, to see what lies beyond. Very nicely done.

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