6 (Business) Trip Essentials


And the Oscar goes to… A shortlist of light basic travel items that make every business trip most comfortable and help you make the best of yourself and the trip.

Hello and welcome back, everyone. It’s been really long since I last had the time to write something decent additionally to uploading photos. I have a business trip to London coming up and while gathering my stuff I thought “why not share your essentials with those who might be interested?” Now, I assume you all know how to remember bringing a tooth brush and such, so let’s just skip to the 6 basic items I like to carry with me to make these kinds of trips more pleasant:

  1. Snacks. Whether you’re obliged to have dinner with colleagues and/or network partners later on, or have to take care of your regular calory intake yourself – if you have a metabolism like me, it’s very likely that you’ll feel like you’re starving by the end of the afternoon. To prevent hunger headaches and low blood sugar, I always carry some high protein snacks with me. I’d suggest you avoid bringing boiled eggs in your handbag, but nuts are a great way to prevent your mind and body from becoming hangry. The ones you can in the image are Mr.Filbert’s, but basically any nuts will do.
  2. Thermal water. The best source to prevent your skin from drying out before/during/after a flight. Plus a great way to fix your make up and make the finish look more natural. After all, during a congress day of networking and sweating, at least you want to make sure your skin feels great. I prefer the Avène thermal water, but I know that La Roche Posay also offers great quality.
  3. Scented hand cream. I’m not a big fan of bringing perfume with me when I travel. Considering that you only need a few drops of it, a whole bottle seems a little exaggerated to take along. Instead, I like to bring a sample of scented hand cream with me that’ll do the job plus moisturizes the skin. Helps me smell good and feel good. This little sample is by Chloe, which a friend gave to me.
  4. (Fake) engagement ring. Now, this one may seem a little excessive, and only works for those of you who aren’t engaged or married already. But I swear, it’s helped me already in uncomfortable situations. Sometimes you may have great conversations with potential clients and sometimes, it may be difficult to figure out whether they’re inviting you for, let’s say dinner, to discuss further (professional) opportunities with you, or because they like you. And especially when you’re new to the job, it may be difficult to know how to react to such invitations. In these situations, I find it comforting to have a back-up story plus a supporting ring with me, which most of the times automatically establishes a certain border without you having to create one with words or deeds. Of course you could argue that being honest is always the best choice, and I totally agree with you. But you know, sometimes this is also fine.
  5. Toiletry bag. When you’re up to a short trip, it’s likely you’ll only bring hand luggage with you. It’s also very likely that you’ll have to open your hand luggage to take your laptop/kindle/little bag of fluids out for security. If you don’t appreciate your colleagues being visually confronted with everything you might not want to share with them (Undies. Toiletries. Cuddle Toy) I suggest taking a slightly bigger toiletry bag with you where you can hide all your potentially furry secrets. This one is by Aspegren Denmark
  6. Comfort book. Whether you’re waiting for the plane to depart, or you’re by yourself in a hotel room and looking for a a way to relax before falling asleep – there’s nothing better than a book that helps you relax. For me that’ll always be Harry Potter, as I know what’s coming (by heart) but still lose myself in the storyline. It’s also always nice to buy a new book at the airport, but this time I’ll stick to The Philosopher’s Stone.

That’s it, the completely list of travel essentials I wouldn’t want to go without on a trip. Have a better suggestion? Let me know in the comments below. Happy traveling (and networking).

Love, Deborah


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