Into Life We Go…


I am a film photographer, writer and PhD candidate currently based in Germany. Like many people I know and treasure, I’m never content with only one project on my mind. As a photographer, I use the effects of film photography and analog cameras, combined with the digital possibilities of our globalized world. I have been working as a writer since 2011, sometimes for the academic world, sometimes companies, newspapers, charities, start-ups, magazines, artists and festivals. As a PhD candidate in the area of cognitive literature at RWTH Aachen University, I do research in the field of trauma, narratology and artistic expression. All of these projects combined make the essence of who I am and what I’m doing here.

Pirate at heart, with a rabbit soul and a mind that has difficulties combining both.

Mint & Copper is an independent website, where I publish texts and analog photography about themes and topics that I’ve been working on. That includes academic thoughts, photography tips, travel reviews – anything that triggers an inspirational idea. I hope to bring new ideas to mind about the essence of art and photography, the impact of human interaction and the substance of how our experiences shape us – and how our experiences are reflected in what we make and create.


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  1. Dear Debi,

    I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award. As a result, I am to nominate five other bloggers with under 3,000 followers.
    I would like to nominate you. I think you have a brilliant blog that I enjoy to follow. I will post a new blog post tomorrow with the details.

    xo P!


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