The But-I-Used-To-Hate-This-Vegetable-Dish: Gratinated Fennel with Tomatoe-Olives-Sauce

A quick, delicious and healthy dish I like to make on lazy days, hungry days and days when I realize that the amount of fries I had in the past years will need health-related redemption sooner or later…



I’m sure I’m not the only one who simply adores the smell of cinnamon and tangerine in winter time. So many beautiful memories united in these two – I’ve even seen strangers share tangerines on trains when people mentioned how happy the sweet smell made them.

Spaghetti with Arugula and Shrimps in Vanilla-Tomatoesauce

I’m always eager to try out something new. Whether it is about travels, activities or food – I find new experiences ever so inspiring. So today, I tried out something I’ve never done before, and believe me, you will get addicted to this. The fresh and spicy shrimps combined with the fruity vanilla-tomatoes, some delicious arugula and mushrooms – I literally wanted to have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wakey-Wakey Muesli

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up? Well, if you’re a food-monster like me, it’s probably breakfast. This morning, I tried to mix something old and something new, to create the ultimate breakfast experience.

Kind of mediterranean, but definitely delicious lamb’s lettuce mixture

Spring is coming, so are bits and pieces of summer, and suddenly we become aware of the fact that we still haven’t done anything to prove worthy of last year’s bikini. But despair no more, here come a recipe for a delicious, healthy and filling salad, which will make your “goodbye, french fries” a bit easier……

Moist curd-bread for quick bakers

A deliciously moist, super quickly made bread for sweet and salty spreads. Baked without yeast, and thus very easy even for beginners. To be honest, this has been my first, self-baked bread ever, and I was super content with the results. This recipes is also great if you like to experiment a little  – simply add dried…