| Top 10 Photos 2016 |

A royal selection from 12 months, four continents and three cameras.


| December Special |

Treasured by advertisement lovers worldwide.

| World Trip Series | Lake Tekapo – NZ

Why go to New Zealand in winter? Because it’s awesome, dude, that’s why. A few comments on the perks of shooting in rougher surroundings and the pros and cons of working with shadows.

| World Trip Series | Up, Up and Away

Our two first nights in New Zealand’s unbearably charming landscape, driving on the left side and getting soaked by winter rain. Now, that’s what I call the beginning of an adventure. On various levels.

Art after Destruction

Looking at Christchurch 5 years after the horrific earthquake one can definitely see: Art is much more than pure beauty meant for consume. It can heal its creators psychologically, connect its recipients and create shared hope in places after natural desaster, trauma and destruction. A short essay on the impact of Street-Art in Christchurch after the destructive earthquake from 2011.