| Top 10 Photos 2016 |

A royal selection from 12 months, four continents and three cameras.


Taipei & Northern Taiwan – Analog Results

Nearly 2 months after leaving Taipei, I finally found the time to edit the last remaining analog photos shot in Taipei and its surrounding regions.

And Suddenly You Work With A YouTube Rockstar

Hostels have the beautfiful sideeffect that you automatically get to chat with foreigners. As a super shy person myself, that can actually a bit tricky sometimes, but then again, sometimes you meet people with whom you feel a chemistry like with kindergarten friends. You know, you’re supposed to hang out. Fate wants you to hang out.

Taipei – A Photographer’s (Freaking) Paradise

How 9 days in the capital of Taiwan have totally blown my mind…

Last week, I shared with you that the first stop on the road (which is a ridiculous choice of word. I’m not driving, somebody flew a plane…) is Taipei. I’m incapable of going to another place without autistic preparation and the planning of possible a, b, and c-scenarios. Thus, I had a good idea of what Taipei probably looks like and what I could expect arriving here. I have to admit: I completely underestimated this city…