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Get the champagne, grab a pizza, celebrate with me: Mint & Copper gets its own address.


| World Trip Series | Weather Defeat

Visiting Lake Pukaki twice, we decided to try and follow the lane we came from which leads directly to Aoraki, also known as Mount Cook. We had been adviced by our friendly rental car agency that the weather tends to change quickly in New Zealand in winter. Boy, we did not expect such a rapid…

| Street Photography Sunday | Philadelphia, PA

Playing Around With New Design Ideas. If you get bored as quickly as I do, you’ll be used to the urge to continously learn and try out new things. It’s not that I’m a perfectionist, it’s just that it’s much more fun to try and improve myself and my work. Especially since photography blogging is…

Celebrating 20.000 Subscribers

Who’d have believed that within just a couple of months this project would gain such a fantastic audience? Plus: cake.

| World Trip Series | Lake Tekapo – NZ

Why go to New Zealand in winter? Because it’s awesome, dude, that’s why. A few comments on the perks of shooting in rougher surroundings and the pros and cons of working with shadows.

| World Trip Series | Up, Up and Away

Our two first nights in New Zealand’s unbearably charming landscape, driving on the left side and getting soaked by winter rain. Now, that’s what I call the beginning of an adventure. On various levels.

| World Trip Series | Sydney

Recapturing the final days in Sydney. Clear waters, fine sands, no shark attacks – what could anyone want more? Right – hot donut with icecream. Had that too, though…

| Tipster Tuesday | Stay Fit

A short excerpt on the necessity of physical fitness for photography. Plus three examples of outstanding and dangerous adventures I’ve gone through to take just one photo…

| World Trip Series | The Vertical Gardens of One Central Park

Whether you’re a fan of oustanding architectural experiements, an avid reader of Dystopian fiction or you would simply like to experience a little more of Sydney than just the Opera – One Central Park should be on your list of Top 5 things to visit…